SONY DSC Sonoran desert born and bred. Acoustic, sometimes electric, nobody knows when, doesn’t matter why. Progressive hybrid of hard 60’s Nashville and early country blues, with a generous helping of outlaw country for good measure. Loved by little hipster kids and elders alike. Will and do travel.

Made the rounds of local radio and TV…sat in with the great Les Paul (October, 2005)…had breakfast at 1AM with the inimitable Kinky Friedman…was the diva Linda Ronstadt’s gardener. Seasoned entertainer with an appetite for risk. Sad songs, bad songs, death songs, love songs, get-lost songs, come-back songs, weird songs. Moody, mercurial, shoots too much from the hip, whatever. Deal with it, you’ll be glad you did.

Something new is added as of Fall 2015: HANK TOPLESS BAND. Loren Dircks on guitar, Dave Roads on bass, Freddy Parish on drums. We’ll split your audience up into little pieces.

If this isn’t enough info, Google me. There’s more crap all over the place.

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