Songs I Hate To Sing (2019)

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Homage to 1960’s hard / psycho country. Tracks 2,7,9 by Hank Topless. Remaining tracks originally rendered by other artists. “-a beautifully rendered collection of studio tracks and a brilliant nod to Topless’ country forbears”- Julie Jennings Patterson, Tucson Sentinel, October 2019.


Tucson sounds: The best local music of 2019

Publication: Tucson Sentinal October 2019

Newly formed bands and younger musicians often start out playing cover tunes, like a kind of apprenticeship. For a long established master of the craft, however, a collection of cover tunes means something else entirely. A musical family tree of sorts. An airing of the skeletons in ones’ melodic closet.

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Country Music People Magazine

Publication: Country Music People Magazine