loose talk

  • Interview about stuff and things in general (Julie Jennings Patterson; Tucson Sentinel, November 2017.
  • Interview-based piece on the occasion of “Big Black Heart” (Eric Swedlund; Tucson Weekly, February 2017).
  • First critical reaction to “Big Black Heart” (The Cat In The Hat; Meow Media, February 2017). Scroll down a bit- it’s there.
  • Here’s a little print interview blurb from the Tucson Weekly (Kristine Peashock, “Nine Questions,” August 2010).
  • Here’s a review of “It’s So December”( Eric Swedlund, Zocalo; January 2012).
  • How’s about this album review from British print mag ( Paul Riley,Country Music People; January 2012).
  • Then, there’s this album review (Gene Armstrong, Tucson Weekly; February 2012).
  • Finally, here’s an archived email blast from some years back, when I’d decided to give up playing music (Tucson Underground; October 2004). 12 years later, here I am.