Songs I Hate To Sing (2019)

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Homage to 1960’s hard / psycho country. Tracks 2,7,9 by Hank Topless. Remaining tracks originally rendered by other artists. “-a beautifully rendered collection of studio tracks and a brilliant nod to Topless’ country forbears”- Julie Jennings Patterson, Tucson Sentinel, October 2019.


Old Country

Publication: Tucson Weekly

Hank Topless makes this declaration between bites of his pollo asado taco at Taqueria Pico de Gallo on Tucson’s southside. The introspective, yet cocksure country musician’s new album, Songs I Hate To Sing, captures the sound of country music made between the dawn of the atomic age and Walter Cronkite reporting the last huey leaving Saigon.

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Tucson sounds: The best local music of 2019

Publication: Tucson Sentinal October 2019

Newly formed bands and younger musicians often start out playing cover tunes, like a kind of apprenticeship. For a long established master of the craft, however, a collection of cover tunes means something else entirely. A musical family tree of sorts. An airing of the skeletons in ones’ melodic closet.

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Country Music People Magazine

Publication: Country Music People Magazine