Perspective and relief

I recently did a couple of gigs in South Dakota, and a couple more in New York City. Travel was overdue, and it was interesting to update my perspective with regard to not only my work in music, but my place in this country.

As an American, I’m always fascinated as I observe the land forms, vegetation, and citizens on a day-to-day-basis. There’s just such vitality, whether on a slammed freeway in Manhattan or in an Iowa pasture.

As a working musician, I need to stay flexible, ready for changes of schedule or plan. It’s part of the fun. On this trip, I was met by helpful, even kind people who facilitated each show. The audiences were great, as well, and their enthusiastic responses gave me a sense of relief. After all, I depend on them to keep this going. Thanks, everyone.

No Brain, No Pain II

At first, I envisioned the record as just a collection of songs with myself singing and playing guitar as I normally would in a live situation. Problem was, I kept thinking, “well, THIS song could use some baritone, THAT one could use some guit-jo and electric piano…” So, now I’m adding instruments. This means I have to make up the parts in the studio. It’s been years since I’ve made an album, and the songs are getting their own personalities.